Frequently Asked Questions is the first of its kind endeavour to let you avail the best of deals,offers and discounts in awesome services in your town.

You dream of eating at that state of the art restaurant,you sigh when you think of those luxurious spas n salons,u wish to have a makeover,u r long planning for a vacation,u wanna hit the gym... u think of a way to avail all these at a price u wud love to! and here is which gives you the autonomy to AVAIL ANYthing!- the most awesome,jaw-dropping deals n discounts in ur city! Join in!

Basically starting from bhubaneshwar and cuttack to cater to the needs of odisha,we vl soon expand to the whole of India n cover the best of deals at every outlet out there.

Ever heard the saying"Shubh kam me deri nehi karni chahiye" So what r u waiting for! Click on "Avail it" and through the secured payment gateway,as you pay the nominal amt and the best deal is all yours.You get an email n sms notification with your coupon,Go to the outlet u always wanted to,show the mesg n Avail the offer!

A bulk order enables you to buy a large number of coupons for a restaurant or spa and use them all at a single table in one go. Great for parties and get-togethers! Call customer service to place a bulk order,we will arrange the best for you, round up your pals and be everyone's favorite host for the day.

At, we value You the most n give you the full if u wanna buy the deal,You can either buy as a guest or register with us(you will get awesome deals featured from us in your email if u register with us,well we dnt think u shud miss it!),its all your wish.

No,not necessarily But be sure to use it before the deal expiry date. Do check your deal details carefully.

Yes! Unless the deal terms and conditions specify otherwise, gift away to Any1 u want.

Nope. You either use it up or forfeit it.

No. Unless the deal terms and conditions specify otherwise, but that's rare.

Ummmm, no. See, cancellations impact the quality of future deals with the merchant. So please enable us to continue bringing you awesome deals by honoring your commitment to buy.As you believe in us,n we r priviledged for that,we too believe in you.

No worries,we will go to every extent so that you get your money back,thats a commitment.

Welcome! If you wanna feature a great deal of urs at our website, has all the answers you want.

Yes, you'll find them under terms and conditions. Do read them carefully for a trustworthy relationship among us.

Nope, never! With us, what you see on the terms and conditions page is what you get.

Absolutely no probs with that yar,we will send u another email n sms notification. Mail us or call our customer care.

Definitely! Just show the SMS with coupon details to enjoy your deal. However, there are some merchants who still demand the print of the coupon,if it is so,we vl mention it in the deal itself. We suggest you read the terms of the deal bought by you.

You are the king here man! Login to your availany account and set your preferences in the "My Profile" section. Mention which type of deals you want n how often,we will send u notifications accordingly.

You can earn points can by participating in relevant activities only (subject to T&C ).

Current relevant activities may or may not include: referrals, contest deals. They are subject to change without notice.

Any my points earned by you, will get expired on the last day of next quarter. For e.g. any my points earned between October 1st 2014 to 31st December 2014, will remain valid till 31st March, 2014.

10 my points = INR 1.00 We also have great offers from our side for our best users like free couple dinner/lunch at best hotels,exclusive photoshoots n lots more!


MasterCard/Visa credit cards, all debit cards, net banking,as u want boss..We love them all!

Yes, you are charged when you buy a deal.

Your credit card number is transmitted by Verisign SSL directly to our secure payment gateways. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.You are safe!

Always check terms and conditions. Usually, most of our deals are inclusive of taxes.

Ya sure,unless it is mentioned so,why not! Unleash your best side as we strive continuously to let you avail the awesome deals of the town.


Email us at [email protected],our inbox is always open,so we will asap get back to you from Monday to Suturday, 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Its in the shortest time possible cos your convenience is our commitment.