The Company

Starting as an entrepreneurialinitiative, with the potential to become a household name for everyone in India who wants to avail anything, started on 14 September 2015. Now starting in India, We are here with a completely new concept, offering deals, offers and discounts for meeting the needs of our customers, who usually refer to a variety of sources before availing any service or buying anything….and eventually go to the neighborhood outlet or out of city, though with that price they can avail the state of the art services in our town itself! For our merchants, we provide wonderful opportunity for online advertising and promotion of your store, along with letting majority of your potential customers know n avail the services at your outlet because we know that like us, believe in giving your best to our customers. Specialty of ours- We are creating a completely different webpage for your brand (a sample webpage has been attached) in our website where a customer can browse your webpage where all your deals, offers and services can be availed exclusively For the first four months of our launch, we will advertise for you completely free! (It has been mentioned in our service agreement).After the period of four months if you like our services and decide to carry on with us then we charge you an annual fees as decided by us according to the number of customers who reach you from our website.



Story behind Availany is like a eureka in mind.A girl searching for a shirt for her Boyfriend for his B’day with few money in her purse and wanted to have some huge discounts in any shop,but ended as nothing,then she started searching in internet with keywords “I WANT TO AVAIL DISCOUNTS ON garments IN XXXX”,After seeing the results she confused and couldn’t gifted to her… but the idea started boggling to make a website to gather all the discounts/coupons in one place.Here how started,and the funny thing about the DOMAIN NAME ie. is that she couldn’t found any suitable name for her website and here is the miracle happened when she typed anything available here is the name came out with [any]thing [avail]able.It is now



To create awareness about the best services n outlets in your city, to let them know that your city has grown to great heights and instead of going out of town, there’s a great outlet near you! • To remove the mediocrity in people’s minds that big hotels n luxury spas cost a boom n r completely out of budget (which is actually not the fact!!) • To innovate n constantly create services so that our customers have maximum convenience whenever they want to buy anything!(be it service or product) • To ensure that THE BEST reaches our customers, to ensure quality service to both our merchants n customers.



Now we plan to have a strong base at India, then we plan to expand to other major cities and Countries outside of India, according to the customised needs of our customers.